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Christians today have no shortage of opinions on how we should dress. Fashion is often perceived in conservative circles as something that women in particular must be very cautious about. If you’ve been around purity culture, you know what I mean: should women wear leggings? Can skirts be above the knee? Can we wear crop tops or off-the-shoulder tops? What about men? They’re under pressure as well to dress in a manner that doesn’t endorse the feminizing of the culture. The ground motive for these questions aren’t actually new. They’re quite old – older than the Victorian Period – in fact, they go back to the patristics and key figures from church history including Tertullian, Augustine, Aquinas, up through the Reformation period with Luther and Calvin, and even into modern day with Abraham Kuyper. The rigid requirements of purity culture, are more in line with Tertullian, an ascetic who sought a uniformity to all of culture that guys like Abraham Kuyper rebuffed in favor of a pluralistic approach. Who knew that fashion was a major talking point for so many theologians? The interview you’re about to hear is a condensed conversation with Robert Covolo, who recently published his Ph.D. dissertation on Fashion Theology from a Reformed perspective. Join me, Kerry Baldwin, with Robert Covolo, as we Dare to Think about the theology of fashion and public discourse.

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