You Who? Rachel Jankovic is Wrong on Identity

Overview: You Who? Why You Matter & How to Deal With It, by Rachel Jankovic In, You Who? Why You Matter & How to Deal With It, Rachel Jankovic writes to Christian women about identity. She wants to enlighten you about all the lies you believe. And she wants to...

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Women’s Rights

In my Introduction to Human Rights, I drew of the philosophy behind rights and how they are derived. Here, I want to apply that to the issue of women's rights. Do women possess rights exclusive or different from men? Women's rights movements have centered on the fact...

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The politics of gender roles in the church

I'm once again challenging my own paradigms (I'm officially off the complementarian band wagon, but haven't quite made the egalitarian train), one of which is the paradigm that exists between complimentarians (on the right, or conservative evangelical side of the...

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