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inspiring women to choose life emily berning

Inspiring Women to Choose Life with Emily Berning

Summary – What Will it Take For Women to Choose Life with Emily Berning What would it look like for us to take seriously the reasons women give for getting abortions? Some of the loudest prolifers believe that considering reasons why women get abortions will somehow give credence to the

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decriminalizing prostitution purity culture

Decriminalizing Sex: Where Prostitution Meets Purity Culture

Summary – Decriminalizing Sex: Where Prostitution Meets Purity Culture An odd twist in my research on a libertarian theory of reproductive rights (and abortion), I’ve had to dive into how the criminal justice system treats the crime of rape. In doing so, I’ve been led to what might appear to

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robert covolo fashion theology

Robert Covolo Fashion Theology & Public Discourse

Robert Covolo Fashion Theology, Public Discourse | Show Notes Christians today have no shortage of opinions on how we should dress. Fashion is often perceived in conservative circles as something that women in particular must be very cautious about. If you’ve been around purity culture, you know what I mean:

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black lives matter libertarian
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

The Doublespeak of Black Lives Matter and a Libertarian Response

The murder of George Floyd has proven to be a tipping point in America. Not only are various politicians looking at criminal justice reform, but some police officers are abandoning their posts as they’ve done in Seattle, Minneapolis, and now Atlanta. This doesn’t seem to be your usual (and temporary) social outrage. But what is

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paul jarvis company of one

Paul Jarvis, Company of One

Summary – Paul Jarvis, Company of One In this episode, I interview Paul Jarvis about his book, Company of One where he challenges the idea of business growth for it’s own sake. We discuss some interesting ideas like trade and specialization, automation and the effect it will have, and also

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