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  Independent research means avoiding censorship, political agendas of corporate and/or state-funded programs, and deplatforming.

  Content that breaks down barriers typically created through polarization and tribalism.

  Content grounded in historic Reformed Christian orthodoxy while leaving room for asking tough questions. 

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current projects

Women, Christianity, and Libertarianism

Moving forward with the complementarian/egalitarian debate, I’m working on research, articles, and podcasts, concerning a Reformational (Dooyeweerdian) philosophical view of individual identity and social anthropology.

A Novel Pro-life Libertarian View of Abortion

As some of you may know, I was recently in a debate with libertarian theorist and economist, Dr. Walter Block. We debated his theory of evictionism as a libertarian approach to abortion. I will continue work on a formal paper for peer review which includes the concepts of fetal self-ownership, child’s and parent’s rights (and responsibilities), rape, and differentiating aggressive and non-aggressive abuse.

Mere Liberty Courses: Identity Seminar

Exploring a reformed view of identity through the Socratic method. The Socratic method is a time-tested of method of teaching critical thinking and critically exploring ideas. It also teaches self-awareness, self-control, and self-confidence with those who disagree with you.

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