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4 Creations per Month

Every month I will create 4 pieces of content derived from my current research projects . It will be a combination of ANY four of these types of content: Dare to Think episode, Flashes of Liberty episode, Instructional Video, and Written Articles. The combination of these will vary based on what medium is appropriate to the content, but I will have four creations per month. All of this content will be free and available to the public. What does your patronage pay for?

These monthly creations are part of larger projects I‘m producing: scholarly articles for journal submission, books, and online courses. Higher level patronage will get free and/or discounted access to these products as they come available.

Dare to Think Episode

Long-form interviews or monologues featuring current research.

Flashes of Liberty

Profiles of historical figures who advanced liberty around the world.

Worldview Video

NEW! Instructional videos for understanding a reformed worldview.

Written Articles

Written articles here and/or Libertarian Christian Institute.

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Goal Reward

Once I reach 40 patrons at any membership level, I will conduct my first Live Quarterly Q&A. The topic of discussion will be abortion from a libertarian perspective, and will be derived from my Dare to Think episodes on the topic. Members at the Patronage and Underwriter levels will get priority access and have their questions answered first.
NOTE: This will be the only quarterly Q&A that preview members will get an invitation to.

One-Time Gift


Current Projects


Podcast Series: Women, Christianity, and Libertarianism

This series has already begun with the first episode being a constructive criticism of the pro-life movement, and the second being a constructive criticism of the Christian feminist / progressive pro-choice view. The third installment, coming soon, will be challenging current paradigms in libertarian philosophy concerning abortion and the mother’s right to choose. Advocates from both sides of the debate have praised this series so far.

Book: The State in the New Testament, Annotated

This will be a publication of a public domain work (with added commentary) that discusses the relationship between Christians and the State. In addition to the original work, will be a commentary discusses the various perspectives of church/state relations throughout church history, and will include an introduction to the concept of Christian anarchism.

Online E-Course: Mastery Reading/Writing – The Art of Self-Education

I’m really excited to get this project underway. As a homeschooling parent, my goal with my children to is get them to learn how to learn, so they can teach themselves. We used mastery-based curriculum for many subjects, but finding mastery programs in reading comprehension and writing is incredibly difficult. And yet, this skill is foundational to all other areas of learning. This program will take individual students, at their own pace, from a basic elementary level of reading/writing to a doctoral level. I estimate this course will take a about one year to develop. 

Where Does Your Money Go?

There are costs to keeping this content fresh and update including: 

  Production of content; research, writing, recording, and editing
  Website and podcast hosting
  Equipment like a quality microphone, editing software, etc.
  Maintaining Internet access

Can I cancel my membership? 

Yes of course! You can just log in to change or cancel the account whenever you want. Just remember that when you cancel, you lose out on future discount rewards.

What is the refund policy?

I understand life happens and will be happy to refund the current month’s charge if you contact me within 7 days of your payment being processed. I cannot give refunds for previous months, or if you contact me after the 7 days. To ensure a prompt response, you’ll want to message me through email with “REFUND PLEASE” in the subject line. Thank you!

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