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Mere Liberty Courses is based on the Socratic method is a time-tested way of learning to think well. Developed by Socrates in the Ancient Greek Agora, inquiry and dialogue proved useful in improving critical thinking skills. Courses offered by Mere Liberty promote productive dialogue, civil discourse, and discovery.

This is a skill that is learned, and must be practiced or it is lost. To get a better idea of what this method looks like and what the benefits are, click below to try our free introductory course.

Course Values

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Less is more


Ecclesiastes 9:7-10


Bridging abstract with concrete


Helping you help others

Empowering people to connect their thoughts with their actions through simple tools and fun practices that will cultivate a free and flourishing society. Standing against efforts to indoctrinate authoritarian principles which divide people tribalism and elitism.

Semester-long Online Courses

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Foundations of Freedom

Middle School

Introduce your kids to the skill so critical thinking while dialoguing about the principles of living in a free and prosperous society.

Economics & Money

High School

Your teens will deepen their thinking skills while dialoguing about foundational truths of economics and the problems of Socialism.

For a New Liberty

Adult Session

A perfect to opportunity to learn what you didn’t get (or may have forgotten in school, while discussing the principles of a free society.

Podcast Interviews

learning to think well

Mere Liberty
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The Professor's Record

I discuss with attorney and infamous NMSU law professor, David Clements, the value of the Socratic method for building dialogue with tough conversations.

Mere Liberty
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The Bad Roman Podcast

I join a group of libertarian parents discussing the state of education, homeschooling, and the value of teaching our kids how to think well about the world

Mere Liberty
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Libertarian Christian Podcast

Doug Stuart and I dialogue about why high stakes situations that call for action, create an imperative to think well first. No more, ‘shoot first, ask questions later.’

Articles about Critical Thinking


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