Theology for Women A redundancy of the highest order4 min read

Does it really need to be stated what constitutes “theology for women?” As though there is something in Scripture for women that is mutually exclusive from theology for men. Mom blogs have sort of “cornered the market” (so to speak) by saturating the Internet with a Christian-esque perspective on marriage, family, homemaking, scrap-booking …. (still can’t find scrap-booking in Scripture). Recently, one blogger and podcaster has taken theology for women to mean an all out assault on feminists and political liberalism. Three bloggers I really like are daring to dip their toe in waters of actual theology, but still … there’s this proverbial line that I can tell even they won’t cross.

Well … I’m crossing it!

Theology for women is the same theology that men study; it’s no different – and there aren’t special cases that women need to steer clear from or focus specifically on. This isn’t about feminism (I’m not feminist); this isn’t even about equality (though, despite some [false] doctrines to the contrary, Christianity did liberate women).

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