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resisting manipulation learning to think critically
Critical Thinking

Why Resisting Manipulation Means Learning to Think Critically

Recently, it occurred to me why critical thinking is a tool in resisting manipulation and heal from manipulative forms of abuse. Manipulation is itself a failure in the skills of thinking well (critical thinking). Most people speak about manipulation as if it were enigmatic. But really, it’s like a cheap

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parent as a libertarian

Ep 188: How to Parent as a Libertarian Christian?

How to Parent as a Libertarian Christian? Can a Christian parent use libertarian principles? Does property rights help us disciple our children better? Does spanking violate the non-aggression principle? In this episode, Doug is joined by Matthew Bellis and Kerry Baldwin to discuss the intersection of libertarianism and Christian parenting.

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Aimee Byrd Feminism

Aimee Byrd (Wasn’t) Promoting Feminism [UPDATED]

Update: Aimee Byrd wasn’t promoting feminism, until now. This article was originally posted August 2020. At the time, I supported the work Aimee Byrd was doing. As I and many others understood it, she wanted to promote the theological education of women in the face of gendered stereotypes being passed

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aimee byrd on manhood

Aimee Byrd on Manhood and Womanhood [Interview]

Aimee Byrd on Manhood and Womanhood | Show Notes In this episode, I talk to Aimee Byrd; author of the book, Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Aimee uses thematic elements from a dystopian novella, The Yellow Wallpaper, to illustrate problems with teachings on gender by the Council of Biblical

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