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Property Rights Corrects Abortion Debate Errors w/ Bob Murphy

Summary – Property Rights Corrects Abortion Debate Errors w/ Bob Murphy Kerry Baldwin is a Christian libertarian who advances a nuanced position on abortion that seeks to protect the fetus while respecting the bodily rights of the mother. Kerry shows how property rights correct abortion debate errors on the Bob

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What does it mean to have dignity?

What does it mean to have dignity?

It’s not hard to look around society today – through current events, social media, etc., but also offline in crime, poverty and homelessness, education and child well-being – and see that to have dignity seems to be missing. A homeless woman interacted with my objection to the idea that our

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how do we own ourselves
Guest Post

How Do We Own Ourselves?

In 2006, property rights attorney, Stephan Kinsella (Houston) published this article for The Mises Institute titled, How We Come to Own Ourselves. In it, Kinsella lays his case for how it is human beings can claim a ownership, or a property right, in their own body. This compelling argument has

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are libertarians pro-choice
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

Are Libertarians Pro-Choice?

Are Libertarians pro-choice? On the 50th anniversary of the Libertarian Party (LP), the platform now stands silent on abortion. This is no insignificant change. It doesn’t mean the party is now officially pro-life. It also doesn’t mean the party has abandoned its principles with regard to the rights of women.

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