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reformed libertarians Gregory Baus

Reformed Libertarians with Gregory Baus

Summary – Reformed Libertarians with Gregory Baus Today I’m announcing a new podcast that I’ve been working on and will be co-hosting. Many of you know that I’m a Reformed Christian who is also libertarian. But what you may not realize, is the extent to which my libertarian views are

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shane rosenthal healthy skepticism
Critical Thinking

Shane Rosenthal and the Humility of Healthy Skepticism

Summary – Shane Rosenthal and the Humility of Healthy Skepticism Amid all the tribalism and polarization we see today, Christians could learn something from The Humble Skeptic Podcast. Shane Rosenthal, host of the Humble Skeptic Podcast, joined me to discuss this new project, and the value of thoughtful and reflective

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pattern of deconstruction evangelical women

A Pattern of Deconstruction Among Evangelical Women

It’s apparent to me so-called “deconstruction” has a particular reoccurring pattern for Evangelical women, specifically. That is, for those raised as culturally conservative, traditionalist, and Biblicist (sometimes referred to as fundamentalist) there is a particular pattern of deconstruction. Inherent to their culturally conservative and traditionalist views was an advocacy for

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mistaken christian views of culture

Mistaken Christian Views of Culture

Show Notes – Mistaken Christian Views of Culture American Christians are no stranger to the idea of culture. But there are number of mistaken Christian views of culture; ways in which they treat the Christian’s relation to culture poorly. Some mistaken Christian views of culture are derived from two broader

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kerry baldwin on abuse

Kerry Baldwin On Abuse, Sphere Sovereignty

Kerry Baldwin on Abuse, Sphere Sovereignty | Show Notes Summary In this episode, Jacob Winograd invites Kerry Baldwin to discuss some cultural aspects of relationship from a Reformed and anarchist perspective. Winograd is concerned is the church is failing to “be the church” as a means of societal preservation (Matt

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Book Review: You Are Not Your Own by Alan Noble
Book Reviews

You Are Not Your Own by Alan Noble [Book Review]

The libertarian principle of self-ownership is increasingly coming under fire by statist Christians. The latest attack came from a English lit professor, Alan Noble, in his book, You Are Not Your Own: Belonging to God in an Inhuman World. Noble’s book receives high praise from Christian figures and thinkers. As

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