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Property Rights Corrects Abortion Debate Errors w/ Bob Murphy

Summary – Property Rights Corrects Abortion Debate Errors w/ Bob Murphy Kerry Baldwin is a Christian libertarian who advances a nuanced position on abortion that seeks to protect the fetus while respecting the bodily rights of the mother. Kerry shows how property rights correct abortion debate errors on the Bob

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how do we own ourselves
Guest Post

How Do We Own Ourselves?

In 2006, property rights attorney, Stephan Kinsella (Houston) published this article for The Mises Institute titled, How We Come to Own Ourselves. In it, Kinsella lays his case for how it is human beings can claim a ownership, or a property right, in their own body. This compelling argument has

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the glorias

“The Glorias” – Biopic about Gloria Steinem [Review]

I just finished watching The Glorias, a biopic about feminist Gloria Steinem. It was interesting and well-produced – I’m assuming it’s historically accurate, I don’t really know. The reason why “The Glorias” is plural – according to the producers of the film – is two-fold: To tell the story about

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objections walter block evictionism
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

Present Objections to Walter Block’s Evictionism

In my previous article, I summarized Walter Block’s theory of eviction which he proposes is the libertarian alternative to the current abortion debate. Block hasn’t gone entirely unchallenged on his theory, but the criticisms he’s received have fallen short of the libertarian principles of self-ownership, property rights as human rights,

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what is evictionism walter block's response to abortion
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

What is Evictionism? Walter Block’s Response to Abortion

Walter Block is well-known in libertarian circles. He’s a professor and chair of economics at Loyola University and a senior fellow of the Mises Institute. Block first articulated his position on abortion, known as evictionism, back in 1977 and is built upon Murray Rothbard’s work on property rights being the basis for human rights.

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