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mistaken christian views of culture

Mistaken Christian Views of Culture

Show Notes – Mistaken Christian Views of Culture American Christians are no stranger to the idea of culture. But there are number of mistaken Christian views of culture; ways in which they treat the Christian’s relation to culture poorly. Some mistaken Christian views of culture are derived from two broader

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matt walsh abortion bodily autonomy
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

Matt Walsh Is Wrong About Bodily Autonomy and Abortion

Matt Walsh recently argued against the existence of bodily autonomy. In Walsh’s estimation, bodily autonomy can’t exist because it’s a pro-choice argument which “necessitates either that the humanity and personhood of the [fetus] depends on the mother’s wishes, … or it’s an irrelevant question because the mother has her body and she

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moral consideration

What is moral consideration?

Moral consideration is a fairly simple concept. Although it’s weight depends greatly on the context. Generally speaking, moral consideration is simply giving careful thought to proper conduct. In the legal sense, moral consideration is given apart from legal consideration. The actions of a “Good Samaritan” may be given careful thought

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