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Christian libertarian alliance against abortion

A Christian Libertarian Alliance Against Abortion with Keith Knight

Summary: A Christian Libertarian Alliance Against Abortion In this episode, Kerry Baldwin was invited on with Keith Knight of the Don’t Tread on Me podcast and the Libertarian Institute. Knight asked Baldwin numerous questions about Christianity and libertarian philosophy. Most of the focus was on the topic of abortion. Can

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pro-life libertarianism texas abortion law

Pro-life Libertarianism is Better Than the Texas Abortion Law

The State of Texas has thrown the US Supreme Court a curve ball with their new anti-abortion law. They’ve succesfully circumvented Roe v Wade by allowing citizen enforcement through civil suits. To be clear, abortion is still not criminal in Texas. But, the risk of obtaining abortion now includes the

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Libertarianism Changes the Abortion Debate
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

Libertarianism Changes the Abortion Debate

Americans haven’t changed much in their approach to abortion over the past fifty years. Since Roe v Wade, conventional arguments on both sides have traversed various fields of philosophy. At the same time dancing around, but never addressing, the actual question; a question about the legal nature of human rights.

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pro-life libertarian women abortion debate

Pro-Life Libertarian Women Redefine Abortion Debate

Pro-life Libertarian Women Redefine Abortion Debate| Show Notes Much of what is being said on the news and social media about abortion by both pro-choice and pro-life activists is just wrong. In this episode, three pro-life libertarian women “take the mic” to discuss some of the most common myths about

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Fictional Literature

Challenging Our Paradigms of Fictional Literature

Challenging Our Paradigms of Fictional Literature Why Fictional Literature Should Be Taken More Seriously Among Christian Libertarians Guest post by J. L. Pattison “There is a time for stories, and there is a time for rational arguments, and the skill we need lies in knowing which to use, and when.”

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