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domestic abuse and law enforcement

The Problem with Domestic Abuse and Law Enforcement

The news of Gabby Petito is that law enforcement missed an opportunity to rescue a victim of domestic abuse. Anti-abuse advocates point out the tell-tale signs that Petito was a victim of domestic violence. Her fiancé (and now a “person of interest”) Brian Laundries is missing. During a traffic stop

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the cruelty of quarantine
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

The Cruelty of Quarantine: A Response to Tim Challies

Tim Challies is a reformed pastor and longtime blogger based in Canada. He recently published an article lamenting the cruelty of quarantine restrictions there. Challies has every reason in the world to lament. Their young son passed away a few weeks ago with no medical explanations. I speak for everyone at LCI when I

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black lives matter libertarian
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

The Doublespeak of Black Lives Matter and a Libertarian Response

The murder of George Floyd has proven to be a tipping point in America. Not only are various politicians looking at criminal justice reform, but some police officers are abandoning their posts as they’ve done in Seattle, Minneapolis, and now Atlanta. This doesn’t seem to be your usual (and temporary) social outrage. But what is

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how do libertarians define crime?
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

How do Libertarians Define Crime? Why Aggression is the Superior Standard

Harm or Aggression? Some libertarians confuse the non-aggression principle (NAP) with the harm principle. It’s not that hard to see why; aggression can cause harm. So, some non-libertarian Christians have misconstrued what our non-aggression principle means. This often leads to confusion between aggression, harm, and even evil. The question of how to

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matt walsh abortion bodily autonomy
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

Matt Walsh Is Wrong About Bodily Autonomy and Abortion

Matt Walsh recently argued against the existence of bodily autonomy. In Walsh’s estimation, bodily autonomy can’t exist because it’s a pro-choice argument which “necessitates either that the humanity and personhood of the [fetus] depends on the mother’s wishes, … or it’s an irrelevant question because the mother has her body and she

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