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pro-life libertarianism texas abortion law

Pro-life Libertarianism is Better Than the Texas Abortion Law

The State of Texas has thrown the US Supreme Court a curve ball with their new anti-abortion law. They’ve succesfully circumvented Roe v Wade by allowing citizen enforcement through civil suits. To be clear, abortion is still not criminal in Texas. But, the risk of obtaining abortion now includes the potential for civil damages. While many conservative pro-lifers see this and other anti-abortion laws as wins for the unborn, it raises libertarian questions about the

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contradict human rights 1 Corinthians 7:5 marriage

Does 1 Corinthians 7:5 Contradict Human Rights in Marriage?

Can a wife say ‘no’ to sex with her husband? Can a husband say ‘no’ to sex with his wife? Does 1 Corinthians 7:5 contradict human rights expressed through self-ownership? A popular interpretation of 1 Corinthians 7:5 says spouses may never say ‘no’ to sex unless it’s for “medical reasons.” This interpretation relates to some objections from Christians about the principle of self-ownership. In this view, you can’t own yourself because God owns you (which

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domestic abuse and law enforcement

The Problem with Domestic Abuse and Law Enforcement

The news of Gabby Petito is that law enforcement missed an opportunity to rescue a victim of domestic abuse. Anti-abuse advocates point out the tell-tale signs that Petito was a victim of domestic violence. Her fiancé (and now a “person of interest”) Brian Laundries is missing. During a traffic stop of the couple, police failed to properly identify who the real victim was. However, this is where I part ways with anti-abuse advocates. Domestic Abuse

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The Wisdom of Trauma A Christian Review
Book Reviews

The Wisdom of Trauma – A Christian Review

The Wisdom of Trauma is a documentary produced by a nonprofit organization called, Science and Nonduality (SAND). SAND’s mission is inspired and informed by cutting edge science aimed at healing people through an understanding of the interconnectedness of our physical, social, spiritual, and creative wellbeing. The Wisdom of Trauma presents the work of Dr. Gabor Maté. Dr. Maté is a retired physician and infant Holocaust survivor of Socialist-occupied Hungary. His expertise ranges from addiction to

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harm or aggression
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

Harm or Aggression: How do Libertarians Establish What is Crime?

Harm or Aggression? Some libertarians confuse the non-aggression principle (NAP) with the harm principle. It’s not that hard to see why; aggression can cause harm. So, some non-libertarian Christians have misconstrued what our non-aggression principle means. This often leads to confusion between aggression, harm, and even evil. We don’t want to confuse this point, so here’s the definition of the NAP: “Aggression” is inherently illegitimate … [and is] the initiation of physical force against persons or property, the

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introduction human rights

Introduction to Human Rights

Introduction to Human Rights The issue of human rights is important. In fact, when checking google trends on this and some related terms, the topic of human rights was markedly higher to related topics like women’s rights or civil rights. In this introduction to human rights, I’ll explain how foundational human rights are. Yet they’re also the most misunderstood in terms of their origin and our authority to exercise them. Moreover, if we don’t understand

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