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collectivizing the gender debate

Collectivizing the Gender Debate

It seems collectivizing the gender debate is the route being taken in Christian circles. Collectivism is the ideology that groups matter over against individuals. They assert that communities, or groups, are more basic to society since individuals depend on them. Collectivist thinking entails believing individuals are the sum total of

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Aimee Byrd Feminism

Aimee Byrd (Wasn’t) Promoting Feminism [UPDATED]

Update: Aimee Byrd wasn’t promoting feminism, until now. This article was originally posted August 2020. At the time, I supported the work Aimee Byrd was doing. As I and many others understood it, she wanted to promote the theological education of women in the face of gendered stereotypes being passed

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aimee byrd on manhood

Aimee Byrd on Manhood and Womanhood [Interview]

Aimee Byrd on Manhood and Womanhood | Show Notes In this episode, I talk to Aimee Byrd; author of the book, Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Aimee uses thematic elements from a dystopian novella, The Yellow Wallpaper, to illustrate problems with teachings on gender by the Council of Biblical

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response mark jones authority submission

Response to Mark Jones on Authority and Submission

In his review of Rachel Green Miller’s book, Beyond Authority and Submission, Mark Jones offers a critical review suggesting that her motives are good but that she misses the mark. You can read my extended review of Miller’s book here. I don’t know anything about Jones, and the only things I’ve read from him are this

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Rachel Jankovic is wrong on identity
Book Reviews

You Who? Rachel Jankovic is Wrong on Identity

Overview: Rachel Jankovic is Wrong on Identity You Who? Why You Matter & How to Deal With It, by Rachel Jankovic In, You Who? Why You Matter & How to Deal With It, Rachel Jankovic writes to Christian women about identity. She wants to enlighten you about all the lies you

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