freed market

legally de-regulated economy subject only to consumer regulation

Frederic Bastiat

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Monopoly vs Monopolization

There is a great deal of confusion over monopolies; what they are and how they are caused. A cornerstone tenet of high school U.S. History is that the federal government saved the freed market from itself through anti-trust laws. Given that monopoly is undesirable,...

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What is Praxeology?

What is Praxeology? Praxeology comes from the Greek; it means the study of deed, or action. It's actually a broad discipline where human action is understood deductively. This leads to conclusions that are a priori, or self-evident. Today, praxeology is most often...

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The Problem with Black Market Economics

The term 'black market' has a negative connotation to it. It's often associated with transactions relating to illicit drug use, firearms sales, and prostitution. However, the negative implication of the black market isn't due to its being "unregulated' by the...

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Problems with the Political Spectrum

Common Conception of Political Spectrum Golden Mean: Communism to Fascism The political spectrum is both well-known and misunderstood. In fact, this will be my third (and hopefully final) attempt to explain it. It's well-known because the most basic terms are used in...

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Should a business owner be able to refuse service?

Does a lingerie store have the right to tell a breast-feeding mother to leave. Does a fashion designer have the right to make clothes that only fit "beautiful" people? Does a wedding photographer have the right to refuse to photograph a gay wedding ceremony? Does an...

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