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resisting manipulation learning to think critically
Critical Thinking

Why Resisting Manipulation Means Learning to Think Critically

Recently, it occurred to me why critical thinking is a tool in resisting manipulation and heal from manipulative forms of abuse. Manipulation is itself a failure in the skills of thinking well (critical thinking). Most people speak about manipulation as if it were enigmatic. But really, it’s like a cheap

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collectivizing the gender debate

Collectivizing the Gender Debate

It seems collectivizing the gender debate is the route being taken in Christian circles. Collectivism is the ideology that groups matter over against individuals. They assert that communities, or groups, are more basic to society since individuals depend on them. Collectivist thinking entails believing individuals are the sum total of

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false dilemma self care

The False Dilemma of the Sinfulness of Self-Care

Two prominent authors are influencing Reformed Christian women now on so-called self care. One author describes self-care as a form of self-idolatry. For her, the remedy is repenting and turning to individual obedience to the Bible. Another author describes self-care as a form of radical individualism. For her, the remedy

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authority fallacy

What is The Authority Fallacy?

Irrelevant Authority Fallacy “Definition: Attempting to support a claim by appealing to the judgment of one who is not an authority in the field, the judgment of an unidentified authority, or the judgment of an authority who is likely to be biased.” – T. Edward Damer, Attacking Faulty Reasoning: A

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