modal aspect – concerns what is loving beyond the justitial. What should be more not what should be legal or just.

What is Praxeology?

What is Praxeology? Praxeology comes from the Greek; it means the study of deed, or action. It's actually a broad discipline where human action is understood deductively. This leads to conclusions that are a priori, or self-evident. Today, praxeology is most often...

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What is the Golden Mean in Philosophy?

The Golden Mean is a sliding scale for determining what is virtuous. Aristotle believed that being morally good meant striking a balance between two vices. You could have a vice of excess or one of deficiency. What is the golden mean in philosophy? This is known as...

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What is moral consideration?

Moral consideration is a fairly simple concept. Although it's weight depends greatly on the context. Generally speaking, moral consideration is simply giving careful thought to proper conduct. In the legal sense, moral consideration is given apart from legal...

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How Should We Respond to Free Speech?

Free speech can be controversial and offensive. It can introduce ideas we aren’t comfortable with or reaffirm moral trends that we don’t like. It can speak about politicians who may be violating their oaths, or supporting their ideas instead. It can speak against all...

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What Free Speech is Not

← Free speech series: Introduction ← The First Amendment as the Standard Bearer ← Is offensive speech free speech? So we know that speech encompasses many forms of expression and we also know that free speech is, generally, going to result in controversial and...

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Is Offensive Speech Free Speech?

← Free Speech-Introduction ← The First Amendment as the Standard Bearer (Part 1 of 4) Some forms of speech under the First Amendment are relatively innocuous, but what about offensive speech? Is offensive speech free? The penalty for penning the Declaration of...

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