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how is liberty violated?

How is Liberty Violated?

We get terms confused: rights, liberty, responsibility… and in getting them confused we often misuse or misapply them. We call things rights because we have a need, or a want, for them, or a liberty because we don’t want to concern ourselves with others. We call things responsibilities only when it serves our self-interest. There’s an objective way to identify rights and liberties. How is Liberty Violated? When we discuss rights, it’s usually in the political or civil sense. But rights

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stateless society plausibility
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

Inconceivable! The Plausibility of a Stateless Society

Among Christian libertarians, as with other libertarians, there are differing views concerning the legitimacy, necessity, and inevitability of the state. For some, this is the worn-out debate between a view supporting stateless society(or ‘anarchism’) for a free society, and a view supporting a limited state (or ‘minarchism’) for a free society. Can libertarians, both anarchists and minarchists, cooperate in pursuit of a free society? I think they can. Nevertheless, there is genuine disagreement between these

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abortion, mass shootings, vaccinations

Polarizing Abortion, Mass Shootings, Vaccinations

I was interviewed by the Libertarian Christian Institute today and we discussed the polarizing topic of abortion. In it, I expressed briefly why I believed abortion is so emotionally charged and compared abortion, mass shootings, and vaccinations to each other. Here I’ll expand a bit more on what I said in that episode. Abortion, Mass Shootings, Vaccinations These three topics have some foundational things in common. Ultimately, they are ruled by various appeals to emotion, which keep

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