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My Writing

Along with the articles you’ll find on my blog, I’m working to publish a book about the relationship between church and state in the New Testament and should be out by 2019.  For my podcasts, I have posted the transcript and cited sources, so feel to read along as you listen.

My Podcasts

I’m hosting two podcasts; Flashes of Liberty, which are 5-minute mini-dramas about significant historical figures who influenced libertarian thought. Dare to Think is a long-form monthly podcast intended to inspire you to think about topics beyond common rhetoric. My current series is on abortion.

You can join the discussion on my articles and podcasts by visiting my Facebook page (direct links are provided on each post), and visiting my podcast channels on iTunes to rate and comment.

Three Levels of Understanding

The Portico

The Portico category is introductory in nature and gives a basic overview of principles, terminology, building blocks, and more.

The Parlor

In The Parlor category, we take everything we learn about in The Portico, and ask why those things are true, or work they way they do.

The Laboratory

In The Laboratory we’re applying facts and theories to the world in new or underappreciated ways.

Premium Features


Some content is only available for my patrons through Patreon is a way for creatives like myself to get paid for doing what what we love. While I do my best to offer a great deal of free content, there’s also a great deal of work that goes into this site, and so my patrons are rewarded with premium features including behind-the-scenes access to my creative process, ongoing opportunities to dialogue with me on my content, advanced access to free content, discounts off future purchase, and invitations to live Socratic discussions on Google Hangouts. To find out how you can access these premium features, please visit the link below.


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