Inspiring Women to Choose Life with Emily Berning

Inspiring Women to Choose Life with Emily Berning

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Featured Guest Bio | Emily Berning

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Let Them Live was founded by Nathan and Emily Berning in 2019 after they were connected with a woman who was homeless and abortion-minded because she couldn’t pay her bills.

They emptied their bank account and gave her the financial assistance she needed to keep her baby. After saving her and her baby from abortion, they realized that many other women were getting abortions due to financial burden often caused by the father of the baby or from lack of support from immediate friends and family.

And so Let Them Live was born – with a mission dedicated to financially and emotionally supporting these moms so that they can confidently choose life for their babies.

Let Them Live’s innovative and compassionate model of financial and emotional assistance to abortion-minded mothers has a proven track record of success. Supporters can now experience the same joy that Nathan and Emily had that comes with saving a life from abortion through their donations to Let Them Live.

Based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Let Them Live now assists hundreds of moms from all over the United States each year. Consider joining the fight against abortion by donatingvolunteering, or spreading our message of love and support online.

Summary – What Will it Take For Women to Choose Life with Emily Berning

What would it look like for us to take seriously the reasons women give for getting abortions? Some of the loudest prolifers believe that considering reasons why women get abortions will somehow give credence to the pro-choice cause, and thus the legality of abortion. Some of the loudest prochoicers believe women aren’t exercising their agency if they aren’t choosing abortion.

There are numerous unintended consequences for this, not the least of which is the overwhelming sense that the abortion debate is entirely intractable. But what if we decided to listen? What if women seeking abortion were behaving rationally?

What if they don’t see abortion as an exercise of free choice, but of no other choice?What if political pundits and fringe extremists do not speak for women with unplanned pregnancies?

What if by listening we Let Them Live?

Join me, Kerry Baldwin with Emily Berning, as we Dare to Think about what it will take for women to choose life.

Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
01:25 About Emily Berning
07:07 How does the mission of Let Them Live help women to choose life?
09:07 What is the cost of motherhood?
11:17 Do women want to choose abortion? How the economy is negatively impacting the decision to choose life
13:34 How does the overturn of Roe v Wade impact how we help women with unplanned pregnancies?
17:15 How does politics get in the way of helping women?
20:43 The negative stigma associate with single motherhood
21:54 Pushback from Christian apologists who believe financial help is tantamount to bribery
24:22 Why is Let Them Live something both sides can support?
26:52 How is Let Them Live different from other pro-life organizations?
30:08 What is the process Let Them Live actually uses to support women in need?
33:33 Responding to requests for help on social media
34:55 What are the monthly financial goal and how do donors keep track of use of donations
38:37 Closing remarks

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B.A. Philosophy, Arizona State University. My writing focuses on libertarian philosophy and reformed theology and aimed at the educated layperson. I am a confessionally Reformed Christian orthodox Presbyterian in the tradition of J. Gresham Machen (1881 – 1937)

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