Ep. 28 Thinking Well in High Stakes Situations

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Thinking Well in High Stakes Situations| Show Notes


It’s easy to believe high stakes situations – like a pandemic – create an imperative to act first. But this is false! Thinking well in high stakes situations means making better decisions under pressure. We cannot take purposeful action, or well-reasoned action without thinking first. This is counterintuitive to most us. When we’re under pressure to make a life-altering decisions, it’s easy to believe a “shoot first, ask questions later” approach might work well. But especially when dealing with complex problems that affect us in various way, high stakes situations create an imperative to think first – before acting! To compound the issue, getting others to make particular decisions in similar situations means we are left with the power of persuasion. This is what makes life difficult. It’s not only that we experience problems, but those problems are dynamic, and we cannot use force against others to make decisions we want them to.

In this episode of Dare to Think, I’ve republished a discussion I had with Doug Stuart at the Libertarian Christian Institute. We’re discussing the courses I teach online at mereliberty.com about how to build and develop the skills of thinking well. Join me, Kerry Baldwin as we Dare to Think about the importance of thinking well in high stakes situations.

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Main Points of Discussion

01:49Intro; Human Action – Do groups act?
05:53Can people do things without thinking?
09:36What do we mean by high stakes?
15:32High stakes decisions and imperatives to make a decision
20:25How should we treat experts and are they making decisions for us?
27:57Why we can’t take action without thinking first?
30:20Final thoughts


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