Prolife Matters with Kerry Baldwin – Part 2 Interview on Saving Elephants Podcast11 min read

Prolife Matters with Kerry Baldwin - Part 2

Continuing our discussion with Kerry Baldwin, we cover a wide array of prolife issues such as: how does poverty play a role in the abortion debate, and what might we do to reduce the death toll through better economics?  Does a woman have a right to an abortion?  Are personhood laws the answer the prolife movement has been looking for?  And what can you practically do to impact the prevalence of abortions?

The abortion debate is one that often evokes knee-jerk reactions.  For some, it is THE issue that defines their political biases. It’s paradoxically of the utmost importance but extremely difficult to have an in-depth, frank discussion about a matter that excites such passions and deep convictions.  As both a protégé and critic of the modern prolife movement, Kerry Baldwin brings a unique perspective to the debate.

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