Parenting During a Pandemic

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Tending Lambs Podcast | Show Notes

This week Katie and Abby are joined by Kerry Baldwin, homeschooling/ work at home/ gentle parent extraordinaire to give some practical tips and encouragement about “Corona schooling”, working from home, and providing support for your kids in navigating the Coronavirus pandemic.

Show Notes

How do I work from home and homeschool my kids? (Kerry Baldwin)
Khan Academy
The emotion wheel (The Juno Institute)
How to Read a Book (Mortimer J. Alder)
Assessment 3.0 (Mark Barnes)


S2 E7: Parenting During a Pandemic

by Katie van Straten and Abby Alam | Tending Lambs Podcast

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Kerry Baldwin

independent researcher, author

B.A. Philosophy, Arizona State University. My writing focuses on libertarian philosophy and reformed theology and aimed at the educated layperson. I am a confessionally Reformed Christian orthodox Presbyterian in the tradition of J. Gresham Machen (1881 – 1937)