Afghanistan: Ron Paul was Right; Feminists are Wrong

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Afghanistan: Ron Paul Was Right, Feminists are Wrong| Show Notes

Afghanistan – Ron Paul was Right

  • started as a means of hunting down Osama bin Laden for 9/11 attacks; turned into nation building
  • agreement brokered between Afghan government and Taliban
  • Afghan government abandoned their post
  • US evacuation and turmoil
  • Ron Paul predicted all this here
  • Conservative war hawks double-down
  • Trump began pullout
  • Interventionism is proven bad foreign policy
  • We shouldn’t have gone in to begin with
  • War was an insult to both the Afghan and American people
  • Central planning never works.

Afghanistan – Feminists are Wrong

Permission Society is the New Totalitarianism

  • public health is now driven by fear, paranoia, and anxiety
  • free society giving way to permission
  • moving the goal posts
  • when will the fully vaccinated not be considered fully vaccinated?
  • can’t manage our way out of these problems
  • vaccines are not the only solution; the market can provide multiple solutions
  • development of antivirals is impeded by government bureaucracy.
  • government is infantilizing the nation

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