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Thinking Through John Locke

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John Locke Lesson Plan

John Locke Lesson Plan

Self-Directed Lesson in Critical Thinking



We are no doubt going to through a watershed moment in history. People are challenging their paradigms – or having their paradigms challenged – in new and unique ways. I imagine this includes you too.

Questions are coming up, not just about the proper role of governance in certain (or all) areas of life, but also those challenging our beliefs about education and how best to get our children ready for an uncertain future.

I created my Liberty Seminar to help you and your kids navigate these waters. But in addition to my 15-week seminar, I’ve created this individual, self-directed lesson, that you can you use right now!!


This lesson is chock-full of good stuff!

In this John Locke lesson plan, you get …

  • An audio lesson to help you think through the item for discussion
  • Downloadable worksheets to help you develop an inner dialogue
  • Several additional resources to do a deep dive study on John Locke’s contributions

This is a perfect opportunity to try out the Liberty Seminar completely risk free to you. The only difference between this and the seminar is Zoom calls where I guide students through this dialogue.

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