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Liberty Seminar for High Schoolers (LSHS)

The Liberty Seminar for high schoolers (LSHS) introduces concepts of reflective thinking. In the course, we read, listen, dialogue, and reflect the principles of a free society. Reflective thinking is the foundation of genuine, long-term learning. And your kids will have fun doing it! When your child has completed this course, they can take these skills into any area of learning to learn more deeply. 

Mere Liberty
Mere Liberty

Course Overview

LSHS is a 15 week (semester) course!* Your student will have access to weekly lessons on this website. At the end of each week, Friday mornings, all the high school students join their Socratic coach for Zoom call. In the call, your child will be guided with reflective questions to get them thinking more deeply about the lesson for that week. 

*Summer sessions available

Course Outline

LSHS is designed to take your child from unreflective thinking to becoming aware of the basic skills and best practices for reflective thinking. To accomplish this, there are three modules.

M1: Self-Awareness

Lessons are designed to get students to become aware of their own thinking.

M2: Learn Inquiry

Lessons are designed to help students use inquiry to learn new things.

M3: Practice Strategy

Lessons are designed to help students practice and expand their inquiry and dialogue skills

Included in the Course

Included in LSHS are the tools that help build reflective thinking skills. These resources are put together into 15 self-paced audio lessons and corresponding worksheets. The bulk of the course are the Socratic-style Zoom sessions that allow us to practice these skills. And of course, we must have something to think and dialogue about, and so the course includes the reference material for that.

Mere Liberty
Mere Liberty

Founder of Mere Liberty Courses, Author, Independent Researcher, B.A. Philosophy

I’m a veteran homeschool parent and have now branched out teaching critical thought using the Socratic method and dialoguing about the principles of a free society. One of those fundamental principles is in the freedom to think, explore, and discover how the world works. I use the Socratic method as a means of discovery and self-improvement in the key skills of critical thinking.

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