The Portico

The Portico category is introductory in nature and gives a basic overview of principles, terminology, building blocks, and more.

What is authoritarianism?

The adjective 'authoritarian' comes from the mid to late 19th century, and simply means, "favoring imposed order over freedom." An authoritarian is someone who believes that freedom is secondary to societal order and that order must come from a person or entity...

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What is moral consideration?

Moral consideration is a fairly simple concept. Although it's weight depends greatly on the context. Generally speaking, moral consideration is simply giving careful thought to proper conduct. In the legal sense, moral consideration is given apart from legal...

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her·me·neu·tics ˌhərməˈn(y)o͞odiks/ noun noun: hermeneutics the branch of knowledge that deals with interpretation, especially of the Bible or literary texts. a method or theory of interpretation. ... in philosophy The term hermeneutics covers both the first order art...

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Free Speech Series-Introduction

Speech: Conveys thoughts and feelings; a style of speaking; the language of a nation, region, or group. Speech is an integral part of the progressive evolution of individuals, families, people groups, societies, and governments. A baby’s first words are an exciting...

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Having a Right vs. Being Right

The English language is horribly inefficient, in case you couldn't tell. Take the word "right" for example. It has 8 different meanings, two of which will be highlighted here. It's very common in our culture to think that if someone has a right (entitlement) to do...

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