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Response to John Stossel on Abortion Kerry Baldwin
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

Hopeful Response to John Stossel on Abortion

Response to John Stossel on Abortion | Kerry Baldwin and Doug Stuart John Stossel on abortion For the past 50 years, the abortion debate has been a polarized issue with common ground on either side. This polarization has created a perfect storm that suggests a deeply divided country. A single data point gets twisted by both sides. 61% of Americans believe 1st trimester abortion (up to 13 weeks) should be legal. The pro-choice side twists

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thinking well, high stakes situations

Ep. 28 Thinking Well in High Stakes Situations

Thinking Well in High Stakes Situations | Show Notes Summary It’s easy to believe high stakes situations – like a pandemic – create an imperative to act first. But this is false! Thinking well in high stakes situations means making better decisions under pressure. We cannot take purposeful action, or well-reasoned action without thinking first. This is counterintuitive to most us. When we’re under pressure to make a life-altering decisions, it’s easy to believe a

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Mistaken Christian Views of Culture

American Christians are no stranger to the idea of culture. But there are number of ways in which they treat the Christian’s relation to culture poorly. Some mistaken Christian views of culture are derived from two broader theoretical views: Scholasticism and Theonomy. This is part two of my interview with Gregory Baus. Listen to part one here: Rethinking a Reformed Christian View of Culture

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