Monopoly vs Monopolization

There is a great deal of confusion over monopolies; what they are and how they are caused. A cornerstone tenet of high school U.S. History is that the federal government saved the freed market from itself through anti-trust laws. Given that monopoly is undesirable,...

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What is the Golden Mean in Philosophy?

The Golden Mean is a sliding scale for determining what is virtuous. Aristotle believed that being morally good meant striking a balance between two vices. You could have a vice of excess or one of deficiency. This is known as Virtue Ethics. It places the emphasis on...

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What is libertarianism?

Many people today have adopted libertarianism, but for many different reasons. And if you ask any number of libertarians what libertarianism is, you'll get a variety of answers. This has caused some confusion among both supporters and opponents alike. So, here I will...

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What is authoritarianism?

The adjective 'authoritarian' comes from the mid to late 19th century, and simply means, "favoring imposed order over freedom." An authoritarian is someone who believes that freedom is secondary to societal order and that order must come from a person or entity...

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