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(phi•los•o•phy) n. The study of the nature, causes, or principles of reality, knowledge, or values, based on logical reasoning

Genuinely Prolife Society

What Would a Genuinely Prolife Society Look Like?

The abortion debate has been so hyper-focused on the question of rights, that few (if any) have actually contemplated, in a realistic fashion, what a genuinely prolife society might look like. Militants on both sides imagine certain kinds of dystopia if the other had their way and all arguments led

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What does it mean to have dignity?

What does it mean to have dignity?

It’s not hard to look around society today – through current events, social media, etc., but also offline in crime, poverty and homelessness, education and child well-being – and see that to have dignity seems to be missing. A homeless woman interacted with my objection to the idea that our

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how do we own ourselves
Guest Post

How Do We Own Ourselves?

In 2006, property rights attorney, Stephan Kinsella (Houston) published this article for The Mises Institute titled, How We Come to Own Ourselves. In it, Kinsella lays his case for how it is human beings can claim a ownership, or a property right, in their own body. This compelling argument has

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reformed christians libertarian view of abortion

Reformed Christians Discuss a Libertarian View of Abortion

Summary | Reformed Christians Discuss a Libertarian View of Abortion Since 2020, Christians (in particular, but certainly Christians more broadly) have been faced with real questions about the proper, God-ordained role of civil governance, love of neighbor, liberty of conscience, and human flourishing. One major issue at the forefront is

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Response to John Stossel on Abortion Kerry Baldwin
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

Hopeful Response to John Stossel on Abortion

Summary | Response to John Stossel on Abortion For the past 50 years, the abortion debate has been a polarized issue with common ground on either side. This polarization has created a perfect storm that suggests a deeply divided country. A single data point gets twisted by both sides. 61%

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