What is Praxeology?

Praxeology comes from the Greek; it means the study of deed, or action. It's actually a broad discipline where human action is understood deductively. This leads to conclusions that are a priori, or self-evident. Today, praxeology is most often associated with...

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The Problem with Black Market Economics

The term ‘black market’ has a negative connotation to it and with relatively good reason. It’s often associated with transactions relating to illicit drug use, firearms sales, and prostitution. However, the negative implication of the black market is due to its being “unregulated’ by the government. It exists outside the law and therefore it must be the law that has the black market unsafe safe. While it’s true that government regulation of the market influences the operation of the black market, it’s not true that the government keeps us safe through regulation.

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3 Reasons Gary Johnson is right on religious rights

In a libertarian debate with John Stossel, Johnson said that "religious rights" are a "black hole" and that a Jew should have to bake a cake for a Nazi wedding. You can see his full statements here: So what gives? I thought libertarians were all about freedom to do...

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4 Ways You Can Start Changing Your Community Today

In the wake of the success from my latest Observer article, I realize that there are many people in our community (and yours too) that want to see a positive change happen locally. It's a breath of fresh air to see such support for free speech and good teachers...

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