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are libertarians pro-choice
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

Are Libertarians Pro-Choice?

Are Libertarians pro-choice? On the 50th anniversary of the Libertarian Party (LP), the platform now stands silent on abortion. This is no insignificant change. It doesn’t mean the party is now officially pro-life. It also doesn’t mean the party has abandoned its principles with regard to the rights of women. To understand what this means, and what it doesn’t mean, and implications for the future of libertarian thought and practice, two things must be understood. First,

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romans 13 reformed view civil governance
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

Romans 13 and Stateless Civil Governance: A Reformed View

Originally published for Libertarian Christian Institute by Gregory Baus The Reformed theological tradition historically holds to an interpretation of Romans 13 that, in its basic outline, is compatible with libertarian anarchism, or ‘stateless civil governance.’ Not all libertarian Christians are anarchists or confessional Reformed Protestants (Calvinists), of course. But this little known perspective on the passage may be helpful for all libertarian Christians. After addressing four preliminary issues, I’ll summarize a libertarian view of civil governance

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thinking well, high stakes situations

Ep. 28 Thinking Well in High Stakes Situations

Thinking Well in High Stakes Situations | Show Notes Summary It’s easy to believe high stakes situations – like a pandemic – create an imperative to act first. But this is false! Thinking well in high stakes situations means making better decisions under pressure. We cannot take purposeful action, or well-reasoned action without thinking first. This is counterintuitive to most us. When we’re under pressure to make a life-altering decisions, it’s easy to believe a

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Christian libertarian alliance against abortion

A Christian Libertarian Alliance Against Abortion with Keith Knight

Summary: A Christian Libertarian Alliance Against Abortion In this episode, Kerry Baldwin was invited on with Keith Knight of the Don’t Tread on Me podcast and the Libertarian Institute. Knight asked Baldwin numerous questions about Christianity and libertarian philosophy. Most of the focus was on the topic of abortion. Can there be an alliance between non-religious and Christian libertarians on the question of abortion? Baldwin thinks so and describes much of the common ground pro-life

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Mistaken Christian Views of Culture

American Christians are no stranger to the idea of culture. But there are number of ways in which they treat the Christian’s relation to culture poorly. Some mistaken Christian views of culture are derived from two broader theoretical views: Scholasticism and Theonomy. This is part two of my interview with Gregory Baus. Listen to part one here: Rethinking a Reformed Christian View of Culture

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In this article, I will explain why critical thinking is important to resisting manipulation. 
Critical Thinking

Why Resisting Manipulation Means Learning to Think Critically

This article is normally offered to course members only. To learn more about Mere Liberty Courses, click here. Recently, it occurred to me why critical thinking is a tool to resist manipulation and heal from manipulative forms of abuse. Manipulation is itself a failure in the skills of thinking well (critical thinking). Most people speak about manipulation as if it were enigmatic. But really, it’s like a cheap magician’s trick; once you learn how the

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pro-life libertarianism texas abortion law

Pro-life Libertarianism is Better Than the Texas Abortion Law

The State of Texas has thrown the US Supreme Court a curve ball with their new anti-abortion law. They’ve succesfully circumvented Roe v Wade by allowing citizen enforcement through civil suits. To be clear, abortion is still not criminal in Texas. But, the risk of obtaining abortion now includes the potential for civil damages. While many conservative pro-lifers see this and other anti-abortion laws as wins for the unborn, it raises libertarian questions about the

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