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pattern of deconstruction evangelical women

A Pattern of Deconstruction Among Evangelical Women

It’s apparent to me so-called “deconstruction” has a particular reoccurring pattern for Evangelical women, specifically. That is, for those raised as culturally conservative, traditionalist, and Biblicist (sometimes referred to as fundamentalist) there is a particular pattern of deconstruction. Inherent to their culturally conservative and traditionalist views was an advocacy for

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how do we own ourselves
Guest Post

How Do We Own Ourselves?

In 2006, property rights attorney, Stephan Kinsella (Houston) published this article for The Mises Institute titled, How We Come to Own Ourselves. In it, Kinsella lays his case for how it is human beings can claim a ownership, or a property right, in their own body. This compelling argument has

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are libertarians pro-choice
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

Are Libertarians Pro-Choice?

Are Libertarians pro-choice? On the 50th anniversary of the Libertarian Party (LP), the platform now stands silent on abortion. This is no insignificant change. It doesn’t mean the party is now officially pro-life. It also doesn’t mean the party has abandoned its principles with regard to the rights of women.

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romans 13 reformed view civil governance
Originally Published on The Libertarian Christian Institute

Romans 13 and Stateless Civil Governance: A Reformed View

NEW! You can now listen to the Reformed Libertarians Podcast by Gregory Baus The Reformed theological tradition historically holds to an interpretation of Romans 13 that, in its basic outline, is compatible with libertarian anarchism, or ‘stateless civil governance.’ Not all libertarian Christians are anarchists or confessional Reformed Protestants (Calvinists), of

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resisting manipulation learning to think critically
Critical Thinking

Why Resisting Manipulation Means Learning to Think Critically

Recently, it occurred to me why critical thinking is a tool in resisting manipulation and heal from manipulative forms of abuse. Manipulation is itself a failure in the skills of thinking well (critical thinking). Most people speak about manipulation as if it were enigmatic. But really, it’s like a cheap

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