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Monthly Research Update – April 2022

Updates on current research projects – April 2022 Women, Christianity, and Libertarianism Self-ownership Modesty I regret that I must put my modesty article on hold. I had a trusted colleague review it for me to ensure my theology was correct. The short story is, the...

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Monthly Research Update – March 2022

Updates on current research projects – March 2022 Women, Christianity, and Libertarianism Self-ownership & Mutuality Self-Love / Self-Care This topic seems to also come up perennially. There are many bloggers and parachurch organizations who attack this idea. Last...

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I am an independent researcher and writer with a B.A. in Philosophy from Arizona State University. In addition to the articles and podcasts I have here on my website,, I’m also a regular contributor for the Libertarian Christian Institute. My writing focuses on …

Mere Liberty

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Discussing Christian faith and politics is tough. If you’re tired of the typical left/right answers that sound like they were pulled from last night’s cable news, then you need a new way of thinking about faith and politics. This book will help you take your political conversations to the next level.

In Faith Seeking Freedom, the Libertarian Christian Institute has gathered together some of the brightest minds at the intersection of Christianity and libertarianism to collect brief but thoughtful answers to over a hundred questions frequently posed to liberty-loving believers.
In this book, you will find answers to questions like:

  • Should Christians care about politics?
  • What does God have to say about government?
  • What makes somebody a libertarian?
  • Why are property rights so important?
  • And many more!

“Therefore, brothers and sisters, we are not children of a slave but of the free woman. For freedom, Christ set us free. Stand firm then and don’t submit again to a yoke of slavery.”

Galatians 4:31-5:1