Welcome to MereLiberty.com

Challenging paradigms of false authority through applied philosophy and practical theology.

Welcome to MereLiberty.com

Challenging paradigms of false authority through applied philosophy and practical theology.

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Patrons sign in for exclusive content.

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Hi, I’m Kerry … and I challenge our paradigms of proper authority
by applying theology and philosophy to politics, religion, and culture,
in order to advance freedom and justice in our own spheres of influence.

Why on earth would I do that?

Like you I’ve scoured sources concerning our world, the events happening around us, and how we should relate to these things … and there is so much out there! How do we sift through it? How do we know what’s true? What should we believe? Where did these ideas come from? Are they trustworthy or do I need to dig further?


Ugh! Who has time for that?!

MereLiberty.com is designed for my fellow thinkers; people like you who know that there is has to be a right and wrong answer but seem confused by the all the information available out there. You know how easy it is to get sucked into the polemics, wrapped around rhetoric, and drug down into the weeds. (And yes, you will find that I’m not afraid euphemisms where appropriate).

Two ways to interact with my content


My Writing

As an introvert, my preferred form of communication is writing. Aside from my blog, I am working on TWO new books that I hope to publish soon (the first on an undervalued perspective of Romans 13 and the second on the relationship of women to theology). Also, for ALL of my podcasts, I have posted the script and references to each one. So feel to read along as you listen.

My Podcasts

I am excited to be producing TWO podcasts! The first is Flashes of Liberty, which is in my Coffee Talk category. These are short, 5-minute, mini-dramas about significant figures who influenced the philosophy of liberty throughout history. The second is Dare to Think which is a monthly podcast intended to inspire you to think about topics beyond common rhetoric.

Three levels of understanding

Coffee Talk

The Coffee Talk category are posts and content of an introductory nature. This is a great place to go to get a basic overview of principles, terminology, building blocks, and more. Having this category frees up you the reader, from having to figure out these basic fundamentals yourself.


Barstool Thinking

Barstool Thinking is the category that takes everything we learn about in Coffee Talk, and begin asking why those things are true, or work they way they do. This category has some excellent room for exploring topics and ideas in ways that we don’t typically allow for ourselves.

The Underclass

In The Underclass we’re applying the facts and theories to the world in new or underappreciated ways. You may see applications of theological and philosophical thought here that you’ve not seen before. The Underclass is when we specialize our topics and hone in on and innovate our ideas.

Why is there locked content?

Frequently you’ll see a banner on a post or podcast that seems to be taking the place of actual content that you were looking for. This banner says, “support me on Patreon.” Patreon is a way for creatives like myself to get paid for doing what what love. While I do my best to offer a great deal of free content, there’s a great deal of work that goes into this site … and I really, Really, REALLY don’t want to use programs like ad sense.