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The politics of gender roles in the church A self-inflicted wound in need of healing

I’m once again challenging my own paradigms (I’m officially off the complementarian band wagon, but haven’t quite made the egalitarian train), one of which is the paradigm that exists between complimentarians (on the right, or conservative evangelical side of the church), and egalitarians (on the left, or liberal side of the church). This paradigm can be broken down into some more basic parts: Gender roles in church leadership Gender roles in marriage Gender roles in the work place Gender roles between the genders These four components are each complicated in their own right, however Americans tend to polarize topics and...

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The Syrian Refugees and ISIS; Whom Shall We Fear? Does Paris change how we should respond?

I’ve heard many reasons and justifications for using the might of the United States military against ISIS. They are a stronger, more lethal jihadist group than any other other we’ve faced. Russia and France are already engaged in this fight, and with the United States, we should be able to crush them once and for all. ISIS hates us; they hate anyone and everyone who does not believe the morbid, horrific, and downright evil things they do. Their hatred seems unrivaled to any other today, and they are undeterred by our suffering. Indeed, they are undeterred by the suffering...

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Saving the Syrian Refugees Won’t Hurt the Economy Doing the right thing won't cost us in the long-run

Written by Matthew La Corte Research Associate at the Niskanen Center This article was first published at the Foundation for Economic Education.  Saving the Syrian Refugees Won’t Hurt the Economy As the US plans to resettle 10,000 Syrians next year, many are eyeing the news with concern. Critics fear that refugee resettlement, though a compassionate program, will prove to be a far too costly endeavor. Yet economic evidence clearly suggests that, despite upfront costs, the long-run impact of resettlement will be neutral — and could actually trigger modest economic stimulus. From a humanitarian angle, it is hard to argue...

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