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Category: Philosophy

Introduction to Human Rights What are rights and how are they derived?

Introduction to Human Rights The issue of human rights is important. In fact, when checking google trends on this and some related terms, the topic of human rights was markedly higher to related topics like women’s rights or civil rights. Human rights are basic – they’re foundational; yet they are the most often violated around the world. They’re also the most misunderstood in terms of their origin and our authority to exercise them. Moreover, if we don’t understand human rights, how can we possibly understand what women’s rights, civil rights, or religious rights entail? Generally speaking, we operate on...

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Five Forgotten Champions of the Total State Originally published by Jeffrey Tucker at

Five Forgotten Champions of the Total State Most people are aware of the influence of Karl Marx and his ideological compatriots in building 20th-century totalitarianism. But there is another tradition of thought, dating from the early 19th century and continuing through the interwar period, that took a different route in coming to roughly the same conclusions regarding the place of the state in our lives. As opposed to Marx’s “left-Hegelians,” these thinkers are part of the “right-Hegelian” movement who dispensed with the universalism of Marx to applaud nation, race, and war as the essence of life. These thinkers loathed...

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The Political Spectrum Explained The greatest challenge to the left/right paradigm

If you’ve read my writings you’ve probably noticed one thing, I challenge the notion of there being only two sides to any given issue. The terms left and right, liberal and conservative, even republican and democrat are ultimately meaningless, and yet, political junkies and political science professors alike seem to think that the entire gambit of political philosophy can fit squarely on a two dimensional line, and that politics is all about “balancing” the two sides. However, this is a woefully dangerous position to take as it cannot measure the amount of government that exists in any given political...

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