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Government Licenses Not Needed for Marriage

As seen printed in the Albuquerque Journal. I’m what you might call a “conservative Christian.” Gay marriage is a violation of my religious beliefs, but then again, so is forcing those who don’t share my beliefs to conform to a law that my holy book says is impossible for anyone to obey. I’m actually on neither side of this issue. You see I oppose marriage licenses altogether as I believe in the right of adults to associate with whomever they choose and as long as that association is voluntary, no one has a right to interfere with that relationship....

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Save the puppies, free the market How the free market allows education, which stops puppy mill cruelty better than legislation

Originally published in the Rio Rancho Observer   Save the puppies, free the market PETA, the ASPCA and the Humane Society are organizations well-known for animal advocacy and have led the way in raising public awareness regarding the treatment of animals in fashion, product testing, meat consumption and pet welfare. Because of these campaigns, it’s now socially unacceptable to wear fur, use animal-tested products and consume caged and/or genetically-engineered animals. “Animal Welfare Approved,” “Certified Humane” and “Leaping Bunny” are third-party certifications coveted by humane business owners. These programs didn’t evolve because of legislative regulations, but because of consumer regulation:...

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