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Author: Kerry Baldwin

Answering the Christian Feminist View of Abortion (2 of 3)

A response to Rachel Held Evans and Christian feminists

Answering the Christian Feminist View of Abortion (2 of 3) A response to Rachel Held Evans and Christian feminists

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “Women’s Rights?” Chances are your first thought was, “abortion,” but then recoiled because you know there’s more to it than that. And yet … abortion … why is abortion the forefront issue of feminism and the women’s rights movement? I have a theory, but in order to unpack it, we need to step back and re-evaluate how we view abortion on both sides of the issue. Abortion is a multi-faceted problem that requires a multi-faceted solution, and there is a silent majority in America who have the power to make change. Who are they and how do we come together in spite of the many nuances divide us on the issue? Join me, Kerry Baldwin, as we Dare to Think About the Christian Feminist View of Abortion. Answering the Christian Feminist View of Abortion Rachel Held Evans and I are at almost polar opposite ends of the spectrum on many things; I’m Calvinist, she’s Arminian. I’m a libertarian anarchist, she’s a social progressive. Evans qualifies herself as a Christian feminist, while I qualify myself as a Christian humanist. This sets the stage for an interesting dichotomy between the two of us on the topic of abortion; we both begin our explanations on abortion with the phrase, “I’m pro-life, but …” and while we share this trait, our perceptions and solutions...

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Political Manipulation in the 2016 Presidential Election

What to make of the emotional fallout from the election

Political Manipulation in the 2016 Presidential Election What to make of the emotional fallout from the election

Dare to Think about Political Manipulation in the 2016 Presidential Election I think the only headline competing with Donald Trump’s upset of the Presidential Election, are all the stories of emotional fallout from Hillary Clinton supporters. Apparently many Clinton supporters are emotionally distraught about Trump’s unexpected win, so much so that students are being given reprieves from their school work, and even going out to protest in the streets – violently sometimes. On my own Facebook news feed, I’m seeing posts being shared with emotional trauma and suicide hotline numbers. One CNN reporter interviewed a Trump protester who demanded that Clinton “sue the government,”1 ostensibly because the level of political discourse never rose above the level of insults and polemics rather than discussing policy issues in a rational way. In a CBS article, psychologist Lynn Bufka made the observation that “US adults are experiencing significant stress from the current election,” calling it “election day anxiety.”2 Another CNN reporter described Clinton supporters as stone-faced, crying, in shock, and stunned at the results.3 But these reactions are not necessarily a matter of sore losing. Bryant Welch, an attorney and psychologist specializing in political manipulation, said this in an article shortly after President Bush’s term ended in 2009:4 “America has been gaslighted. Gaslighting is an insidious set of psychological manipulations that undermine the mental stability of its victims. These techniques have invaded our media, infiltrated...

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3 Reasons Gary Johnson is right on religious rights And where he gets it wrong

In a libertarian debate with John Stossel, Johnson said that “religious rights” are a “black hole” and that a Jew should have to bake a cake for a Nazi wedding. You can see his full statements here: So what gives? I thought libertarians were all about freedom to do what they wanted and associate with whomever they choose. These statements by Johnson have created a backlash in the libertarian community which upholds the basic rights of the first amendment as almost sacred. Why? Because without 1st amendment protections we cannot call the government to account when it gets out...

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3 ways parents are enabling childhood bullies Are parents the bad examples that child bullies are following?

This post is dedicated to my two most recent biggest fans, you know who you are 😉 , whose incessant barrage of vitriol, lies, and ignorance has inspired me to explore the interesting connection between adult bullies and the effect they have on their children. Ladies, I wear your hate like war paint and I pray that your brilliant daughters will choose to ignore these lessons you’re teaching them. Raise your hand if you’ve had (or currently have) a social account on Cafemom is like Facebook and MySpace for moms of all varieties, and if you’ve been on there...

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8 Different Types of Love According to the Greeks Originally Published by

There are many paths in life. But the longest of them all is the path to the heart. If you resist this path, you will take lifetimes to find it again. If you surrender and embrace it, you’ll be home. We’ve all been blinded by the blanket of emotions that comes from falling down the precipice of union into love. While we only have one word for it, the ancient Greeks in their pursuit of wisdom and self-understanding, found seven different varieties of love that we all experience at some point. When we understand the different types of love...

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