Have you met Gregg Hull?

I got to sit down with Gregg for coffee, and all it took was a message to him on Facebook. For two and half hours we talked about everything from his history to his vision for Rio Rancho. This man was an open book; a complete opposite of the accusations against him in countless letters to the editor.

Hull has been labeled an “outsider” by his opponent, yet over the past 20 years, he’s lived in Enchanted Hills, Rivers Edge and North Hills and his five children were raised in Rio Rancho while attending school here. His home in Ventana Ranch was a “too good to pass up” opportunity that kept him close to Rio Rancho so that he could stay involved in his church, the community, and Intel; his wife’s employer for 21 years.

His involvement in the community includes teaching classes on financial freedom; similar to Dave Ramsey but he points out that his class goes above and beyond just the numbers game and includes integrity in relationships as a primary key. This integrity that he spoke of was obvious in his eagerness to lay out on the table his whole story, which is very inspiring I might add.

He talked about his foreclosure and the financial difficulty that was brought on by an unfortunate divorce. He worked his way out of debt through hard, laborious work of cleaning foreclosed mobile homes, heating and air conditioning conversions, and more. He told me about how he took over a shipping company that was underwater and brought it to a $1 million a year success. He did all of this without going into debt; debt wasn’t an option for him.

His decision to run for Mayor surely prompted returning his residence to Rio Rancho, but he didn’t make the decision in a vacuum. Actually to say he’s an “outsider” is quite the misnomer.

During our conversation at Café Bella, I asked him about his vision for Rio Rancho. There’s not enough room here, but I could see that he took a very holistic approach, considering all perspectives without regard to partisan politics. We talked about permaculture to help with our water problems and help deter climate change, integrating education with industry, bringing export businesses with international impact, and more. His marketing to both parties is due to the fact that his ideas are attractive to people of both parties.

One of the biggest complaints about politicians today is that they’re disconnected from the struggles of everyday Americans. Gregg Hull has lived those struggles, and they’re clearly a part of him. One in thirty-two Rio Rancho residents have suffered a foreclosure. Wouldn’t it be great to have a mayor who’s been there and understands that struggle? Wouldn’t it be great to have a mayor who could see a way out of Rio Rancho’s financial mess without digging deeper in debt?

Have you met Gregg Hull? I couldn’t imagine a better candidate for the City of Vision.