According to RRPD, crime is up nearly 15% in Rio Rancho and while it is still far lower than the national and state averages, it has the whole city – from the school board to “Q Citizen” – talking about our overall safety.

It seems like there is a story coming out every week about how another shooting has taken place and the media is acting as though violence is something new. James Holmes? First time offender. Adam Lanza? First time offender. Nehemiah Griego? First time offender. But what the newly published crime stats don’t apparently make known is whether or not first time offenders has also increased.

It’s easy to look at these statistics and think that they represent new crime, but do they? This is a highly important question especially since, in Sandoval county, our District Attorney Lemuel Martinez has the worst dismissal rate in the state. How many of these crimes could be avoided simply by having a DA who bothers to show up for work?

Across the nation many people believe that if we simply take the firearms, that crime will go down. From President Obama to state representatives, the call for gun control is more boisterous than ever. Even Senator Tom Udall, who’s been sympathetic to 2nd Amendment rights in the past, seems to be changing his tune. In a Facebook comment posted yesterday Udall said,

The American people, of all political persuasions, want a government that is able to respond to the needs of the country. We have to change the way we do business in Washington. We need reform. It is time for us to pay attention to jobs and the economy and the things that matter to American families. The challenges are too great, the stakes are too high, for a government of gridlock to continue. That is why I have been leading the charge for filibuster reform.

The anti-gun lobby has made an emotional appeal to the American public and many people are believing that gun control equals safety. But does it?

Choose Your Own Crime Stats

A Harvard study on that very question was published and showed that there is absolutely no evidence that supports the idea that gun control means more safety. Mainstream media talking heads, like Piers Morgan, would have you believe that because gun-related deaths have gone down in the UK after banning them, that gun control works. But this is a disingenuous perspective of the bigger picture.

Since guns in America are used to prevent multiple forms of violent crime (rape, burglary, assault, etc.), we have to look at all crime stats to figure out if banning guns actually makes us safer. Unfortunately for Piers Morgan, the UK’s violent crime has increased dramatically since gun control was first implemented and their Parliament is even considering banning kitchen knives because they’re being used in violent crime.

The unfortunate reality in which we live, is that people commit crime. As a society we’ve also fallen for the idea that laws prevent crime, but this simply is not true. You’ve heard the old adage, “you can’t legislate morality,” and tend to think of it in terms of gay marriage, but really what this means is that you can’t make moral people by making more laws. If a person has reconciled himself to murder, then he’s reconciled himself to break the crimes necessary to accomplish that – including the most paramount law, you shall not murder.

Even if Rio Rancho is less safe than years gone by, the answer is not to disarm the public.

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